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Q: How much does it cost to add lighting to my wedding?

A: Every event is different, so there is no one price range for our services. We consider your budget, venue, color, and theme, as well as the different decorative and practical things that will be featured at your ceremony or reception. From this, we craft a unique lighting solution just for you.

Q: OK sure….but doesn’t it always cost quite a lot?

A: Not at all! We have small uplighting packages that fit almost anyone’s budget, and yet still utilize the same award-winning design sensibilities and the same state-of-the-art equipment that our larger installations use, just in a more economical offering. Of course, ceremonies and receptions come in all sizes and shapes (and yes, budgets), and there is no lighting provider more able to flex and create within a given budget than Greenlight!

Q: Do I need to have any technical knowledge about lighting in order to tell you what I want for my wedding?

A: Absolutely not! Our consultation services are friendly and completely non-threatening to inexperienced users. The technical jargon is our job, after all. We ask simple questions about your colors, theme, and location. We try to find out what elements of your event you’d like to focus on (and which elements you wouldn’t). When necessary, we meet with you at your venue to talk about what goes where, and how you’d like it to look and feel. If this is still more than you want to take on, you can simply say to us “I’d like a modern look….do what you do best and make it wonderful” and we will do just that. You can be as involved or not involved as you wish!

Q: What sorts of things should I consider lighting at my reception?

A: The list is long, but here are a few of the highlights you could consider: Architectural uplighting and wall washes, dance floor texturing or effects, custom monogram projections, café string lighting, cake table, bars, buffets, ice sculptures, décor elements, drapery, floral pinspotting, entertainers, trees and foliage….to name just a few!

Q: I’ve heard people talk about “gobo” lighting. What is that exactly? Do I need it?

A: A “gobo” is a metal or glass template that we slide into the lenses of a traditional theatrical spot light. The template is stamped or printed with an image. We “project” these images onto walls, floors, ceilings, canopy surfaces, curtains and backdrops, stages….your imagination is the only limitation!

Q: What sorts of gobo images are available or possible?

A: Literally thousands of different images are available from gobo manufacturers at a very affordable price, or, we can have a custom image made for you. There are abstract graphical patterns, themed images, cityscapes, trees or leaves, holiday and other symbols, stars, clouds….the list goes on and on.

Q: When would I want to spend extra money on a custom gobo?

A: Many weddings take advantage of our ability to create custom templates by simply creating a monogram or “logo” of the bride and groom’s names or initials. This can then be projected anywhere….popular spots include on the wall over the head table, behind the alter, on the dance floor, in the entry way of the ceremony or reception room, etc. We can make a custom template of just about any image you can think of!

Q: I’ve also heard people talk about “uplighting.” What does this mean?

A: Strictly speaking, “uplighting” is the simple process of taking a theatrical light fixture and setting it on the ground to point up. We commonly use this as an effective and inexpensive tool to create ambiance in a venue by lighting its walls, highlight architectural features such as columns, add a little “pop” to drapery or scenic elements, or even to light trees, floral arrangements, or other natural elements.

Q: My wedding is taking place in a hotel ballroom and I really don’t care for their carpet. Can I “fix” this using lighting?

A: In a way, yes. But it’s not what you’d think: We take great care in what we choose to light for each event. The best way to overcome a carpet or other built in feature of a venue that doesn’t fit your theme, decorative tastes, or color scheme, is to avoid lighting it altogether and instead place a lot of lighting emphasis on the elements of the venue or decor that you DO like. This creates a positive contrast and helps your guests effectively “ignore” the features that you want to hide.

Q: What are the most popular colors right now? We want our wedding to be very “in style!”

A: The most “in style” colors are the ones that you absolutely love! There really are no other rules, as far as we’re concerned. The people who say “orange is this year’s green” are most likely hoping you’ll buy their new orange products. But what if you don’t like that color? We say “go with your gut” when it comes to this question!

Q: Are there colors that lighting cannot do?

A: In fact, yes. There is no such thing as grey or brown light. And of course, if your colors are black and white, we’ll be using all white lights at your event! It is difficult to project dusty colors such as tan or burgundy or olive green, but we can get close. And, if those colors are present in your decor, we simply light them in a soft white or ivory to make them stand out.