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October 30, 2014

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Here at Greenlight, one of our specialties is the new product or brand rollout celebration, which is also one of the most widely varied types of events we do. These events are hard to categorize; not just a party, not really a meeting, not exactly an exhibition. What they do all have in common is that our clients are asking us to help them implant a permanent impression in the attendee’s mind; a new brand image for an engineering firm, a new car model for a major auto maker, a new shoe for a sports apparel company, or even in introducing an entirely new company altogether.


Whether it’s “just a party,” or a very focused presentation for the media, we see it all. Often, these are very hands-on affairs, as in the rollout we recently produced for Epic Games of a brand new high-end video game called “Fortnite: Storm Chasers.” In this instance, our client commandeered Urban Pine, a funky, fun venue in SE Portland, for a day of invite-only gaming on some very souped-up computers. The entire space was lit and decorated to follow the action in the game, including lightning strikes and multiple live cues that took the environment from day to night as the games progressed.


Often, the party really is the thing, with a guest list of luminaries and pundits, lots of logo projection, brand colors on the walls, and lavish food and beverage spreads. Our friends at Urban Studio see a lot of these affairs, as this is the perfect spot for an open-house style celebration for up to about 200 people. Usually, this means that Greenlight Creative is there too! From the introduction of the new Chevy Volt to a whole new airline service at PDX from Volaris Airlines, we’ve lit the gamut in brand rollouts at this terrific venue.


One of the more impressive introductions we’ve lit was actually the announcement of a partnership. When Alaska Airlines signed on to sponsor the Portland Timbers MLS jerseys (sorry, “kits”), made by Adidas, a three-for-one media and VIP event ensued. This was no small task, we took over an entire airline hangar for this one! At the height of the party, the bay doors rolled open, and an aircraft (Alaska, of course) nosed in, lining up its door to a pre-built stage and 60’ fashion runway. The surprised crowd watched as the 727’s door opened and the entire Timbers squad emerged wearing their new Adidas kits and gave a show worthy of fashion week….that is, if ESPN were sponsoring it. Today, the Timbers are a white-hot commodity in Portland, with a (shall we say, rabid?) fan base that commonly outsells all other MLS cities.


And speaking of the press, fashion week, and Adidas….Greenlight recently helped our partners at Henry V roll out an entirely new shoe technology called “Boost” in New York City during Winter Fashion Week. Over 60 custom gobos were projected, creating a pathway of moving, dynamic brand marks that lead the audience into an enclosed theatre environment, which had been created inside Javitts Convention Center. The space was also outfitted with separate demo vignettes, a wrap around video screen, and a diamond-shaped multi-tier stage that was absolutely overwhelmed by photographers once the shoe itself was introduced….on a glowing pedestal, of course!


These events aren’t all gigantic, of course. In fact, at least half of the rollouts we light are modest, and often are for smaller regional or local companies. Some are introducing a new logo, some a new partnership, others an entirely new image. But all have the same goal: To creative a sumptuous, inviting, and celebratory environment for their guests in order to leave a strong, positive product or brand impression. We thoroughly believe that lighting can help deliver these results.


Call us today to find out how we can help you take your new brand, image, or product to the next level of success!


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