SOL Republic Product Launch: The Deck

August 20, 2013

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Fast, creative, and strongly branded corporate events are always a blast to be a part of and this recent event with Henry V was no exception. Our friend Annie Sunseri of SOL Republic (who was once with InFocus and has been a long-time client of Henry V and Greenlight Creative) came to Henry V with a “go big or go home” launch party at the Hard Rock Cafe in Chicago, and we were thrilled to work with this incredible pro once again!


So here are the deets: SOL Republic collaborated with Motorola to create the company’s first non-headphone product, the SOL Republic “Deck.” This portable and we think well-priced speaker looks and sounds pretty rad, and Henry V decided to build a giant-sized version of the product to act as a dancers stage for this product rollout. It looked pretty incredible, but they needed the large-scale version lit just like the product…so of course Greenlight was all over it!


This is what made the lighting fun and a bit more challenging… A unique and entertaining feature of the Deck is that the Bluetooth syncing capability can switch between single-user mode and “Heist Mode” where other users (up to five) can pop over – or be 300 feet away – and interrupt the current song with their own song pick. Yep, college parties will never be the same… Anyway, the glowing SOL Republic logo that spreads across the front changes color based on which device is currently in control. We had to source light fixtures that would fit into the giant “Deck” stage, tucked between its internal support joists, while simultaneously making the light coming from these spaces diffuse and not show the filament or LED sources behind the plexiglass. Next, we matched the product’s own LED colors and had it switch throughout the event as dancers went nuts on the “stage.” This was a huge attention getter for this amazing little bluetooth speaker!


We topped it off with some fun and frisky LED dancefloor effects to lend even more dynamic pizzazz to the proceedings. Now, it looks like this little guy could be touring all over the country, as this first event was a huge hit!


Henry V did a bang up job, per usual (this stage looked JUST like a giant version of the real thing!), and we were pumped to be a part of this one! We did get to sample the product and found it to be pretty splendid. The sound was great, it’s small and lightweight, and it’s pretty eye-catching. Check out the bright colors it comes in here.

Need to get attention for your new product introduction? We can develop unique and exciting lighting solutions for you. Give us a call….we’d love to help you create a big splash and an even bigger win for your brand!

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