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August 28, 2013

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There are many important aspects of event lighting, but it doesn’t have to be one or the other when it comes to functionality versus style. It also doesn’t have to be the types of lighting you most often hear about like gobos, uplighting, or string lights. At GreenLight we make it a priority to think outside of the box and offer alternative lighting solutions to our clients! Below are five unique lighting options that we offer, big and small, broad and VERY specific!  And note, this is just scratching the surface…if you REALLY want to see what we’ve been collecting, check out our Specialty Fixtures pages!

1. LED Taper Candles

Tired of fire marshal restrictions? Can’t find an LED candlelight that looks real? Afraid that your LED battery operated candles might burn out mid-party? Worry no more! We have a solution for you.
Our LED taper candles with real wax look authentic and offer practical, safe, and good looking light. All 24 of these are approved by the fire marshal (since there is no actual flame), and we have put them through their paces. After we acquired these fancy little lights we turned one on and left it on for over 2 weeks and it didn’t die….one set of batteries! Sure, you can get some cheapy “candle lights” anywhere, but these will look and perform SO much better!

2.    Black Crystal Chandeliers 

Okay, so it’s time to be honest. We’re a little obsessed with these crystal jet-black beauties. We have four of these chandeliers that are 30” high by 24” wide. These can feature traditional candelabra bulbs, frosted bulbs or old school flicker bulbs, all of which look pretty awesome. Almost as awesome as these will look over your dancefloor, or head table, or grand entrance, or ???  Think outside the box!  For lots of choices in hanging chandeliers and pendants, see our full gallery HERE.

3.    Epic Steam Punk Chandelier

Yeah, that’s right, “epic” is part of its official name. This has gotten raves as one of the coolest centerpiece chandeliers ever…ever.  This giant vintage styled mechanical gear is 42” in diameter and can feature ANY kind of bulb. It’s shown here with our vintage filament bulbs.
 This is a total scene-stealer and is perfect for urban parties and warehouse venues. Built by the amazing folks at Bird Dog Creative this chandelier could hang over a bar, head table, entrance or the center of a dance floor. Sky’s the limit! (Well, really the ceiling is).

Some bulb options….WAY more choices on our Specialty Bulbs page!

bulb edit
4.    Vintage Black Floor Lamps

Collecting, stockpiling, accumulating, hoarding… we’ve been doing these things with this neat decorative lighting option.  We have gathered vintage floor lamps (and even a few table top lamps), stripped them of their shades, rewired them, and refinished them in semi-gloss black. Twist in a vintage bulb and cluster these together in your event space and you’ve got a cool, unique look that draws attention, drives your theme (Urban? Vintage? Industrial? Campy?), and sheds golden ambient toned lighting all around the scene.  See them all on our Vintage Fixtures page.

5.    LED Task Lamps

Event lighting doesn’t have to be decorative OR practical. It can be both! These “Task Lamps” are perfect for product tables, registration tables, bars and bar backs, or any space where you need a light source that is broad, low-energy, even and flexible, but must sit on a tabletop or shelved space. We have 8 of these LED lamps awaiting your next fundraising gala or corporate event

TaskLampLED copy
See something that your next event must have? Give us a call. Don’t see it here? Give us a call anyway, we bet we can come up with the perfect solution for you!

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