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April 10, 2013

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Timed with the infamous New York Fashion week, Adidas opened the doors of the Javits Center in NYC to 350 media members eager to learn more about Adidas’s new Boost shoe technology. We’re lighting experts, so we’ll spare you any attempt to explain this amazing new sport shoe technology. Instead, here’s a video with a sneak peak at the launch and the product: Adidas Boost Media Launch

Cool, right? Well, certainly you want to know more?

Whenever we are asked to work outside our humble Portland homebase, it is always a grand adventure, and our latest experience was no exception. Our amazing partner, Henry V, called us in to support their efforts at the Adidas Boost Product Launch. The event was in February and (of course) our preproduction began just as a giant snowstorm hit the city. Our travel plans were canceled; but not even runway-closing storm conditions can keep us from being part of such an energizing event! We flew from Portland to Phoenix to DC, hopped a train to the Big Apple, and then taxied through the blizzard the rest of the way.  Trains, planes, automobiles, anyone?

Of course, we made it, and as always, the venue was a blank slate. Yep, time for the GreenLight team to have some fun! We helped Henry V and Adidas by lighting a theater space in the exhibit hall, complete with a grand portal, product vignettes, and interview spaces. After being led down a virtual hallway with oversized printed graphics on the side curtain walls and chevron-patterned, dynamically chasing brand projections, reporters entered a theater with 120 feet of wraparound video screens and what some might consider a TON of lighting. Our end goal, of course, was to use creative and effective lighting treatments to build excitement and the ultimate “wow” moment for hundreds of reporters from all around the globe. 

We are always enthused to support a brand and bring to life its product and message in the atmosphere of the event. The electric yellow lighting mimicked the black and yellow shoe that sat atop spot-lit pedestals and ran into the hands of reporters at shoe distribution counters behind the stage….to say that our enthusiasm was not matched by the media audience as they mobbed the product displays and handouts would be the understatement of the year….it was a zoo in there!

A custom black grid truss overhead held all the lighting, sound and video for the entire event including 35 chain motors and over 30 custom logo gobos that were perfectly complemented by over 200 conventional lighting instruments and several Martin moving lights. Let’s just say that this hour-long presentation made the desired impact, and really helped put this fantastic new product on the map!

Another successful event with the Henry V team and Adidas that, deservedly, received fantastic media attention!

Okay, enough time at the desk, time to boost my run! 

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